RMC Global Services

We offer services to both Commercial Fleets and Insurers

Services Commercial Fleets

RMC Global understands that minimising off road time and managing repair costs are vitally important to commercial fleets.

Experienced Engineers

Let by a team of hands on experienced engineers, each repair is thoroughly checked to ensure correct repair methods are used for a fair price.

Motor engineer

Peace Of Mind On The Road

Our Nationwide recovery service is available 365/24/7, for any vehicle type.


Engineering Assessments

Engineering each repair can mean the difference between writing a vehicle off or repairing it.

Case Studies

Our case studies show what a huge difference an engineer can make on a claim – please go to Case Studies for more information.

Client Portal

Repair progress and costs can be traced through our online client portal.
Individually tailored dashboards give an overview of a fleet, number of repairs ongoing, repairs authorised awaiting booking, vehicle recoveries and more.

Unique and Flexible

Full MI suites available, tailored to suit our clients’ requirements.  Flexibility in our approach means we can bill in the best way that suits our clients.